Business Ideas: 5 New Business Opportunities in 2022

Business Ideas: 5 New Business Opportunities in 2022
Business Ideas: 5 New Business Opportunities in 2022

Many new business opportunities in Indonesia are seasonal. Usually, the new business is in the form of culinary.

Unfortunately, new ventures are easily lost over time.

One more thing that makes the business opportunity even more closed is the emergence of new competitors.

So, this time, we will discuss various promising business ideas with relatively few competitors.

There are even business opportunities that only a handful of people may engage in who understand the promising potential.

What are his efforts? Reporting from the Good Business YouTube Chanel, here are some lists of promising business ideas with relatively few competitors.

Making Instagram captions

A book writer made a scene after claiming to get income from Instagram captioning services.

Crafts from waste

Instead of throwing away trash and becoming a burden for the future, it would be better if we could process waste for a better life.

One of them is processing waste into handicrafts. Generally, plastic waste is easier to process, for example, sewn or glued to make a carry-on bag.
However, if you look around, there are more choices of waste that provide promising business opportunities, from household waste such as automotive plastic to pest plants, all of which can be used as living crafts.

But we have to be creative in processing it into something new so that there are no competitors.

Old product

Many people like to reminisce about the past. Among them are experienced when playing traditional games which are now rarely played, as well as eating snacks that were popular at that time.

This can provide new business opportunities, namely the sale of old school products. These products can range from toys to food.

To make it more up-to-date, you can package it more attractively, for example adding characters to strengthen the brand image.

Fried fruit

In Indonesia, we can fry anything to sell as a promising business opportunity. For example, a business selling dried fruit.

Abroad, there are foods in the form of fried fruit that are popular. People in the United States sell fried fruit like grapes, melons, cantaloupe, and pears.

We can sell a business like this on the side of the road or as additional work, for example offering it to a friend at the office.

Baby sister hourly

This one business is more personal and relies on a person, namely an hourly babysitter. Western countries have been practicing this business opportunity for a long time, but this kind of business opportunity only exists in Indonesia.

For example, parents attend an invitation at night but they don’t want to bring their children for fear of being late or parents want to be alone and enjoy time together to celebrate something.

So, those are five new business opportunities in 2022 that you can try. Hopefully useful and good luck.