Business: Thrift Shop Business

Business: Thrift Shop Business
Business: Thrift Shop Business

In today’s business world more and more thrift shops have sprung up. Most of the clothes sold are marketed online.

Naturally, in addition to requiring a capital that is not too large, thrifting activities are still popular today.

Interested in starting this business? Here are some ways you can do to start a thrift shop business:

Prepare Capital

Of course, before we start a business, we must prepare capital that is the first thing that is important. However, the nominal requirement is not fantastic. We can start this business with a capital of less than IDR 1 million. This is what several thrift shop owners have done, such as Wewearthrift, Nostaljik Boutique, It wears, and

“The initial capital was around IDR 500,000. From that capital I just started with goods,” said Deira, owner of

In addition to buying used clothes, we can use the capital for packaging costs, and several other additions such as repair costs, greeting cards, stickers to washing/laundry costs.

Set Store Characteristics

Keep in mind, that before starting this business, you must define the goals or characteristics of each store. Moreover, there are various types/models of clothing that we can trade. Therefore, Deira said that if new players want to enter this business, they can start with the type of clothes they like.

The owner of the simple clothes shop, Emmanuella Vania Dewie, conveyed the same thing. Vania said she started selling second-hand clothes from something she liked, so she understood what good quality clothes looked like.

Determine the Price

Selling used clothes is certainly not as expensive as new items on the market. Well, to determine the selling price, we need to pay attention to several things.

When setting the price, it is necessary to pay attention to the condition of the goods, whether the quality is good or not, what brand the goods are, how much it costs to get them, how difficult it is when looking for them, to see the price in the market. The story of the goods sold can also be an added value.

“For the price of goods, we will condition it first, because there are items that are difficult to find. We also look at the prices of other people,” said the owner of Wewearthifts Owner, Muhammad Rifki Hidayah.

The benefits obtained from each outfit also vary, it could be that the benefits obtained are not too large, and some can benefit more than 100%.

Do the Sorting

Goods sold through this thrift shop can be obtained at the market or suppliers or from former business owners. Well, the goods purchased must have been selected one by one to ensure that the quality and model are in accordance with market tastes. In this selection process, it must be ensured that there are no defective items so as not to reduce the selling price.

After going through the selection process, the clothes are washed first so that they are sold clean. Well, don’t forget, the items that will be sold need to be seen or re-sorted. Is there still damage to the clothes.

If the damage is minor, the clothes can still be repaired before being sold. “Usually if it’s still tricked, we trick it. Like re-sewing or adding new buttons,” explained Pratikto, one of the owners of Nostaljik Boutique.

In line with Pratikto, Rifki, Vania, and Deira agree that defects in clothes need to be considered carefully because it could be that the existing damage was missed while still in the process of selecting goods.

After that, Pack and then send the goods to the buyer. Make sure the goods sent to the buyer are clean and well treated.


When operating a thrift store business, we really need consistency. According to Pratikto, we need this attitude starting from shopping, taking photos of goods, editing photos, managing social media, sales, to bookkeeping. He added, that it will be difficult to carry out this attitude, especially if we run this business alone.

Not only from the buying process to selling, but we also need consistency in managing social media considering selling online. This ranges from regularly showing new items to interacting with shoppers.

“It’s okay to upload a little bit at a time, the important thing is to be consistent. So people will know that you are active,” said Vania.

Agreeing with Vania, Deira, and Rifki also said that maintaining interaction with followers/buyers as well as buyers is important so that sellers know what the buyers want.

Rifki also said that in order to maintain existence, it is important to be creative in producing various content on social media to increase engagement. “This content doesn’t just follow other people either”. Make something different so it’s not the same,” said Rifki