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When a 3.2-magnitude earthquake struck in California at 5.28am on 1 February, the Los Angeles Times reported the news. “Social media has fewer barriers, but the limits are still there for us” Second-year Journalism student Glwadys Beya writes about the effects of underrepresentation in media for ethnic minorities. London Met’s Christmas Market returns Journalism students Gabriela Yorgova and Sara Scheeres headed to the festive market to speak to some of the University’s makers and creators about their products. Welcome back Jak Simon Cadman, Senior Lecturer BA Journalism, reports on a guest lecture given by alumnus and freelance journalist Jak Hutchcraft. Crisis in the courts Media law students heard from barrister Nick Doherty about the crisis facing the UK’s criminal justice system, which has a backlog of around 60,000 cases.

Early prototypes turn a section of fabric into a touchpad, allowing you to tap or swipe to interact with applications or nearby devices. Google is partnering with Levi’s in 2017 to explore creating interactive clothing at scale. Another new entrant is Wire , an app backed by Skype founder Janus Friis, which claims to have the most comprehensive end-to-end encryption for text, pictures, video or voice. One unique feature is the ability to share your location only with specific contacts or to set a compromise location for arranging meetings. Like they were written by a human using structured data within seconds of firms releasing their quarterly results, and has recently expanded into sports with plans to cover more than 10,000 minor league baseball games annually.

Apple filed multiple patents for head-mounted displays, as far back as 2008 and currently has hundreds of people working on these technologies including former employees at Oculus and Magic Leap. This has led to an explosion of user-generated video – Snapchat alone generated around 8 billion videos a day in 2016 – as mobile became the main platform globally for viewing online video. According to Zenith, consumers now spend an average of 19 minutes a day viewing on a combination of smartphones and tablet computers – a figure that is set to double by 2018.

Applications could be for shopping, real estate, interior design or amusing Face Time masks. Around 25 countries were represented in the survey including the US, Australia, Korea and Japan but the majority (90%) came from European countries such as the UK, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Finland and Spain. Participants filled out an online survey with specific questions around strategic digital intent in 2016.

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Already some publishers complain that their short form video is no longer being prioritised in the news feed. Have invested deeply in studios to deliver branded content while Vice, BuzzFeed and Quartz say that branded and sponsored content now make up a substantial chunk of revenues. Since many of these in-house solutions are bespoke, they are proving hard to scale and making advertising look like content can raise issues of trust and credibility for many publishers.

  • Google Instant (see yesterday’s post) has really turned the world upside down and even prompted some people to ask, ‘is SEO dead’.
  • One unique feature is the ability to share your location only with specific contacts or to set a compromise location for arranging meetings.
  • She graduated in Museum Studies at the University of Leicester, specialising in Digital.
  • “It’s important to better assess how social media is evolving,” he says, in order understand how it might be possible to reconfigure it.
  • Eventually these will be installed on the entire iPhone range opening up 3D mapping of any person or space.

In Germany, many now block content for those using this software while offering a low cost ad-free alternative to catch more loyal users. As with this Wired example, the messaging will increasingly focus on the cost of creating quality content. In the short term, the main focus will be around penalising sources that do not have a strong track record and making it easier for consumers to report false news .

Even so, these are examples of the challenges many sites face in the era of Web 2.0 and beyond. The international data visualisation conference took place between Sunday 24th and Friday 29th October 2021. Justine is a freelance photographer and traveller, having photographed in over 25 countries. Her images have appeared in The Telegraph, The Sunday Times, The Huffington Post, the BBC, as well as a number of international publications for travel photography. Whilst the rise of citizen media and journalism allows for plentiful opportunities, the space has now become congested, often with questionable content.

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Celebrating London Met’s Big Ideas Entrepreneurs and social innovators from across the University were highlighted at the Big Idea Challenge awards ceremony. Diversity and inclusion in tech Professor Bal Virdee addressed the Houses of Parliament as part of a discussion on representation in the technology industry. “You work your way through the rejects and the great ones remain” Ryan Evans, BA Journalism student, reports on the Art, Architecture and Design Summer Show, which opens on 22 June 2022. Class and Contemporary UK Film and Television A free online conference on 7 July will explore exploitation and precarity in the film and TV industry, as well as class representation and the inculcation of neoliberal ideology.

London Met opens new Digital Forensics Laboratory

The trend towards encrypted messaging will continue amid fears that the incoming Trump administration will pressure companies to give up personal data on the request of law enforcement agencies. Hundreds of people who work for big tech companies have pledged not to co-operate with any attempt to compile databases that could allow the targeting of individuals based on race, religion, or national origin. Used Google and Trip Advisor image searches, along with a network of engaged Twitter followers to expose the gaps in Donald Trump’s charitable giving. These techniques are becoming a core way in which the rich and powerful are now held to account but they’ll require more data specialists to join experienced hacks in newsrooms in 2017. In 2017 the big platforms are likely to offer financial inducements to set up more VR journalism studios to help stimulate the market, even if only the biggest brands are likely to be involved.

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