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Our new perspectives series, Take on Tomorrow, addresses the most urgent forces facing business leaders in 2021—and beyond. The challenges covered include climate change, digital disruption, diversity & inclusion and workforce & skills – all in the context of the post-COVID-19 world. BEOS is a unique and unmatched opportunity to generate new business opportunities. A catalyst for deals to be struck and new ventures to be undertaken.

  • Customers are more and more savvy about how their data is used, and protections such as GDPR have been introduced to regulate this.
  • Membership of Find it in Cheshire and Warrington is free and gives you instant access to local contracts, suppliers, businesses and their opportunities.
  • You will need to manage any business opportunity you decide to pursue.
  • Prior to joining academia, Bruno was an entrepreneur who started and managed a company for three years.

Ever imagine turning likes and follows into dollars and checks? Now’s a good time to leverage your reputation as a social media influencer. While it sounds like one of those far-fetched business opportunities, it’s become a lucrative venture for people across different industries, including gardening, fashion, food, travel, and even parenting. Freelancing is one of the most common online business opportunities. Being a freelancer means you’re self-employed and not committed to a long-term employer.

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Events like mergers and acquisitions may open up prospects for all types of services and trades. With the rise in remote work and the gig economy, you’ll be on your way to a successful online business by going freelance. It may be competitive, but if you have a set of skills you’ve built over the years, or even one you want to learn, there’s money to be made.

For example, after hours and hours of staring at screens, a desire to get back to nature is a huge wellbeing trend. Companies offering UK-based digital detox breaks and outdoor activities are likely to see a boom, aided further by uncertainty over booking overseas travel while the pandemic continues. Finally, the rise of telemedicine could transform how healthcare is delivered, with niches such as fertility tech now a rapidly developing sector. Healthtech is booming in the UK – it’s attracting serious investment and is supported by strong long-term trends such as the country’s aging population.

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It may take a bit of time to build your reputation online, but if you have a topic you’re passionate about and like to talk about, you can make money online by growing an engaged audience on social media. For example, you can turn skills like web design, SEO, marketing, copywriting, or app developing into a profitable home-based business. Planned business expansion is an obvious indicator of a business’ current success. Among those who sell both B2B and B2C, 24% reported they planned to expand their business into new product areas in the near future.