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Academic SolutionsIntegrate HBS Online courses into your curriculum to support programs and create unique educational opportunities. What’s more, the skills that you develop on a course of this nature are highly sought after by employers. This demand translates into varied opportunities in a range of settings andjob sectors. We also offer the Salford International Excellence Scholarship which offers up to £5,000 discount on tuition fees. As this is a prestigious award we have a limited number of these scholarships available. Remember, during the industry placement, you will earn a salary for the work you do.

Students from Brunei will usually undertake Brunei/Cambridge GCE A level examinations or Brunei Darussalam Technical and Vocational Educational Council . Both qualifications allow students to apply for undergraduate degree courses. To maintain and achieve successful business operations in foreign nations, persons must understand how variations in culture and traditions across nations affect business practices. Without knowledge of a host country’s culture, corporate strategizing is more difficult and error-prone when entering foreign markets compared with the home country’s market and culture.

The conduct of international operations depends on a company’s objectives and the means with which they carry them out. The operations affect and are affected by the physical and societal factors and the competitive environment. Participation in international business allows countries to take advantage of their comparative advantage. We welcome applications from students who may not have formal/traditional entry criteria but who have relevant experience or the ability to pursue the course successfully.

  • To develop understanding of the importance and impact of knowledge sharing in global organisations, and an appreciation of how one may develop an organisational culture favourable to knowledge sharing.
  • Students who achieve a C grade average should be considered for year one entry .
  • For further information on the range of awards available and to make an application see ourscholarshipswebsite.
  • Identifying forms of business ownership and international business opportunities.
  • You will source your own placement; however, you will have lots of support from the University of Salford and the Business School employability-hub and from your current industry contacts.

All of our courses are taught and assessed in English, so as an applicant you must meet our minimum English language entry requirements. If you are an international student and not from a majority English speaking country, you will need IELTS 6 with no element below 5.5. This course offers excellent scope for aspiring and existing managers who want to improve their career development opportunities and employability. If you want to progress into a senior position in the public, private or third sectors this course will offer you the chance to gain skills which are highly sought by employers across a wide variety of organisations.

International business improves the growth prospects of many countries, especially the developing ones as firms can raise their production capacity and export surplus output to foreign countries. Countries can also import technical know-how and capital equipments to boost up the economic growth. In 1999, AutoZone established its first retail store for auto parts in Mexico because many older vehicles are still in use in that country, so demand for auto parts is high. EBay has provided some foreign markets with a service that was not previously available in those areas. It has served hundreds of millions of requests to buy or sell products from consumers in more than 150 countries. A ‘wholly owned subsidiary’ is a company in which 100 per cent investment in its equity capital is made by a parent company.


This gives rise to the problem of exchange of currencies as foreign currency is used in making transactions. Involves Two Countries – International business is possible only when there are transactions across different countries. Portfolio Investment – Investments in shares or debentures of foreign companies with a view to earn income by way of dividends or interest. It involves investments of funds abroad in exchange for financial return. Items of invisible trade include tourism, transportation, communica­tion, banking, warehousing, distribution and advertising.

The company making the investment is known as ‘Parent Company’ or ‘Holding Company’. This mode of entering into international business is preferred by those companies, which want full control over their overseas operations. Licensing is a contractual arrangement in which one firm grants access to its patents, trade secrets or technology to another firm in a foreign country for a fee called royalty. For example, Pepsi and Coca Cola are produced and sold all over the world by local bottlers in foreign countries under the licensing system. Less Investment – It does not require heavy investment as needed in case of other modes of entry.

The Marketing Mix

Find information on employers in accountancy, banking and finance, business, consulting and management and marketing, advertising and PR. International companies typically have standalone early careers websites and it is worth following the ones of interest to you via their social media accounts . International business graduates often join employers in sectors closely related to the subject, such as marketing, HR, finance and sales.

Btec Extended Diploma

For subjects requiring A-level Mathematics applicants must present with AP Calculus BC or International Baccalaureate HL Mathematics.. Please check the individual course pages for our typical A-level requirements and see below for the corresponding scores. For Postgraduate programmes, Tanzanian nationals with a degree from Tanzania or another English speaking country (as on the University’s approved list) are not required to submit an English Language test. For Postgraduate programmes, South African nationals with a degree from South Africa or another English speaking country (as on the University’s approved list) are not required to submit an English Language test.